In the year 1.967, the Mr. Jose Font Raluy came to Minorca as delegate of the company of gardening LA HORTÍCOLA BARCELONESA S.A., with headquarters in Barcelona. It was begun with the construction of a series of gardens and hotel complexes as well as the design of the same ones, being the first company in the island dedicated to this field.

In the year 1.968 there was inaugurated in the street Hannover of Nankeen the first florist's shop of the island with service Interflora. There was destined a part of the same place to the professional office of the company of gardening.

In the year 1.969 the company changed name being started naming from then LA HORTÍCOLA BALEAR.

In the year 1.971 there was inaugurated our current center of gardening which was located in Sant Lluís's village, neuralgic point of the south coast of Minorca.

During these years of intense activity, our company can credit a notable experience in the design and construction of gardens.

In the last 35 years we have created more nature for this beautiful place that is our island of MINORCA.

  • Diseño de jardines
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